Marketing: Is Bragging Allowed or Not?


Growing up as a child, I was taught to be humble always. I was taught that bragging is a habit of the prides and that a good kid like me should never be caught indulging in it. I was taught that when you lower yourself, you will be raised up and when you high yourself, you will be brought down.

Growing up with this mentally, I resented bragging and those that brags. When something very good happened in my life, it almost felt like bragging when I share the news to family and friends. On the other hand, sharing bad news never felt like bragging.

For instance, if you wrote an examination and passed, announcing it felt like bragging. But when you fail an examination, it doesn’t feel like bragging even when you announce it to the whole world.

I remember back then in the University, when returning back to school, some of us would take flight while others will take the bus. Then I noticed, it was so easy to narrate to everyone about how you took the bus, how you spent many hours of inconvenience on the road and everyone would laugh about it. On the other hand, when you take the plane, it wasn’t easy to narrate your experience of pleasure and have everybody laugh about it.


My Realization

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t see marketing coming. It just simply got dawn on me that I need marketing to survive. So I had to embrace marketing. And then, in my career as a marketer, some values that I grew with weren’t going to help me. One of them was the perception I have of bragging.

I realized that: while it may look bad to brag about your life; it is absolutely very good to brag about your capabilities, potentials and skills in the business world. I have seen people with better skillset and potentials earning less than they deserve simply because they do not know how to brag to the management about their potentials.

The question is: are you waiting or relying on the management to see how great you are and place you where you belong? Are you just going to dump your growth entirely in the hands of some individuals to decide for you? What happened to your mouth?


Marketing is a Numbers Game

The more people who hears about your services or products, the better your chances of making sales. Marketing is a numbers game. Even if it meant climbing on top of the roof with a mega phone to announce your offer, then do it. You are marketing a solution to some people’s needs; don’t you think you’re doing your customer base a disservice by not meeting them at their time of need? How do they know you have solution to their problems if you didn’t open your mouth?

Quote: “Life and death is in your tongue; speak the one you want”.

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