Business Importance of Website

business importance of website


Business Importance of a website can certainly not be over emphasized. A business website is like having a business address but online. The beautiful thing about your business online address is that it is limitless. While, your physical address serves your locality, your online address serves the world. If, your physical address is opened 9am-5pm, your online address is opened 24hours a day.

But surprisingly, according to various recent studies, about 50% of all small businesses don’t have a website. This also means that if you have a website today, automatically you are ahead of 50% of your other competitors. Kindly contact Expression Hour to develop an attractive and professional website for your business.

Below are 12 importance of website for your business:

  1. It Improves the Effectiveness of Your Advertising

Whenever you are advertising, your website address is placed to be clicked on for more information. This makes your advertising more effective since visitors has a place to visit for more information whenever.

  1. It Saves Money on Promotion

Imagine how much you would need to spend printing your brochure, business/contact card and the energy that goes into distribution. A website would take care of all that just by listing all your portfolio in your service page, and filling necessary information on your “about page” and “contact page”.

  1. Easy to Make New Customers

Your already existing customers can easily refer their family and friends to your website. You can as well get organic visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

  1. Easy to Use and Update

Websites don’t have to be complicated as before. Expression Hour develops a website for you and then also teach you how to use it as a bonus package. You can easily edit, update and delete contents.

  1. Improve Productivity/sales

You can’t say that you are productive if your sales are low. Increased sales, is a sign of improved productivity. A website will make your business more visible and accessible to more audience which will in turn improve your sales.

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  1. Enlightenment of Your Customers

Your website is also a tool that can be used to enlighten your customers. Just like I’m doing right now; I’m enlightening you on the importance and need to have a business website. Same way, you can educate your customers about your services.

  1. Your Market is Limitless

If you have physical address in Lagos, it will serve only those in Lagos. But your website will serve the entire country and the world. While online you can attend to a customer at Brazil and Canada at the same time. There are secured ways of making payments online now.

  1. Increase Credibility

If I already know your brick-and-mortal store, I would trust you more when I see you online as well. And if I was yet to be a customer, tonight I would be. This is because, after seeing you online as well, I now believe more in your brand.

  1. Set-up Personalized Email Addresses

With a website you can easily set up personalized email addresses for yourself and employees. For instance: instead of If Mr. John is your sales executive, you can easily create It gives a more personal appeal to customers and makes them feel closer to your brand.

  1. Improve Communication

Customers can easily check on you at any time since your website is online 24hours a day, and ask about product availability. Customers can also write their feedback. You can also indicate products that are out of stock currently.

  1. Unbiased Market Research

Customers can be asked to fill questionnaire about your products and services right on your website. The feedback they will give would be much more accurate since they will feel free to express themselves. It can also be used to get better suggestions from your customers.

  1. Cheap and Affordable

A business website is affordable now a days. Just compare the importance of website; the numerous benefits listed above and much more that you have to gain just by paying an amount that is far less than the price of your phone. Guess what? This amount you are paying is even for the whole year.

Contact us and we’ll know the exact type of website that’s best for you.

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