Importance of Digital Marketing

importance of digital marketing

Digital marketing importance: Before they said that the world is going digital. But now, the world is digital. And without being told, business owners knows that it’s the marketing activities that leads to sales. With sales, you’ll always be in business. If not, you would be out soon.

The only difference now is that the marketing is now digital. This means that we now conduct marketing activities through electronic media. Internet is now the place where you meet your potential customers/clients. And thanks to social media and globalization. You can be here in Nigeria, and advertise to your targeted audience in the USA, UK, etc. Even payments are made online securely.

So Here Are Some of The Importance of Digital Marketing to Your Business

More Engagements

Through social media, you can engage your customers/clients even more. They will get to familiarize with your brands on a more personal level. This is very good for your business relationship. It helps you know them better, serve them better, make better sales, and keep your customers loyal.

Builds Credibility and trust

You are involved in digital marketing right from the moment you took your business to the social media. Whether Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. And one trending thing about social media is “likes”. When you posts, how many likes do you get? The more the likes, the better. Ask me why. This is because the ‘likes’ gives credibility and trust. It shows how much your brand is generally accepted which is power.

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Be a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

So your competitors are still involved in traditional means of marketing? You can use digital marketing to get ahead because with digital marketing your results can be measure and tracked. When you advertise, you are able to see how many potential customers reached, how many males and females, which region responded more, the age bracket etc. With all these insights about who your target market really is, you can develop better marketing strategies that will lead to more conversion and sales.

No Geographical Limitation

Some people’s business has travelled to where they, themselves have never been to. Made sales from places they have never been to. Through digital marketing, your business travels without visa. All you need to do is invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank high on search engines such as Google. Through AdWords and social media, run ads to potential customers in places you are not based physically.

Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

Still on digital marketing importance, you can run an ads for as low as $2 per day on Facebook, AdWords, and more. But in traditional marketing, can you pay a television house $2 to display your ads? Can you pay $2 for billboard advert? The beautiful thing about the digital marketing form ads ads campaign is that you can monitor how well your advert is performing. And be able to decide whether to stop it or continue it.


Digital marketing importance to your business can not be over emphasized.

There is a whole lot of benefits. Above are some of the importance of digital marketing.

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