Story Sells

story sells


For a fact, selling is hard. But what isn’t hard? When the sales are not coming, paying bills becomes a problem. Isn’t that a harder situation to be? What if you found a way to sell better? Would you work hard at it in order to perfect it?

In this terrain, there’s no one particular way to getting results. But there’s a particular strategy used by most of the Dons-story telling.

In my first experience to direct cold marketing, I and some of my colleagues decided to organize a seminar and have one of the top shot in our industry to come speak to us about selling. The entire event didn’t last more than 2hrs and all I can remember him say was: “story sells”. His entire sermon was centered around you telling your story. It is in your story that your prospects will find that connection and finally patronize you.


What’s Your Story?

Some questions would probably be going through your mind now. Questions like: what’s my story? How would my story sound like? How do I have a story? Etc. I have just one answer for you:

“You can’t have a story if you don’t have a WHY


Practical Example:

You are a hair cream merchant. Your products are hair creams.

Your Story: You wanted a full healthy hair. You tried so many hair cream products till you finally got to the ones that worked fine to your expectation. Now you discovered there are so many others in your shoes who needs the same products but are not as luck as you are to have found what works. Some of them don’t have your kind of patience of having to try many products that may not work.

This is the business opportunity for you to act as a hair growth consultant and your WHY is:

  • You want to help people achieve their dream of a healthy full hair just like yours.
  • You want to save them the stress of finding the right products themselves
  • You want to save them money by preventing them from trying many other products that may not work.

Now that you have your WHY, you have your story. Won’t selling be easier now? yes of course because your prospects can now find a connection in your story which enable them to trust you and patronize you.



If you’re selling, and not telling your story, you’re just an announcer. – E. Jay Ipheghe.

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